Many types and brands of yarn are available to make hammocks. Here are the most widely used.


Most hammocks are made of cotton as its qualities basically make it perfect for that purpose. Cotton is tear proof, absorbs moisture easily and is very soft to the touch. Cotton fibres also provide the fabric with its comfortable surface structure. Pure cotton is very soft to the touch and skin unlike any other hammock material. You can recognize cotton fabrics by the fact that the fabric will not produce any lint. Humidity is the worse enemy of cotton so you have to keep your hammock dry.

Mayan hammocks are also available with nylon strings. It is a nice options for those who want to leave their hammock outside even on rainy days. Be aware that the nylon threads do not stretch so these hammocks are not as comfortable as the cotton one. Nylon is also affected by direct sun rays.

Polyester rope lasts considerably longer than cotton out in the elements. Rot, mold and mildew- resistant, the polyester we use for our hammocks is soft-spun from countless tiny synthetic fibres, so it's not scratchy and rough like most; instead, it feels surprisingly similar to cotton.